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"Unharness The Beauty & Ride A Standardbred"


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                           OFF THE TRACK TO HACK SERIES

We only have 2 shows left to qualify for the finals.



Please refer to rules and programs for the day for entry.

Final to be held at the SPPHASA STATE CHAMPS 22nd March at Metro.




Proudly Sponsored by Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of South Australia To be eligible to compete in the Off The Track to Hack Standardbred Classes, horses must have raced or competed in an official trial or started in a race locally, nationally or internationally. All Entrants must present with a Registered Harness Racing Australia, New Zealand or US Freeze brand (on the neck) and horses registered race name must be on entry forms. To verify entrants eligibility all entries must include a print out from Harness Racing Australia website.


The event is open to all Standardbreds that have officially raced or trialled either locally or nationally.

All horses are required to be 2 years Led and 3 year and over ridden.

All horses will be registered with HRA and or HRNZ.

(Harness Racing Australia or New Zealand)

All Registrations will be checked.

Racing name to be used. When entering an Off the

Track to Hack (OTTTH) event.

If the horses name is different to their racing name,

please fill out the details below.


·Racing Name

·Brands, colour and markings

·Sire and dam


Off the Track to Hack Judging

Competitors will be judged on the combination of horse and handler/rider. Combinations will be judged on compatibility, Capabilities, Behavior and overall disposition.

Scars or racing injuries will be overlooked.

Competitors must be competent on their own. No Led riders.

Pacing Pacing is a breed characteristic and will be acceptable, however as judging is based on the ‘Hack’ both your in hand and saddle re education will be commended and judged accordingly.

All competitors must reside in South Australia for the SA Series

Judges decision is FINAL.

Qualifying for the Grand Finale

All Reserve and Champion winners automatically qualify for

the Grand Finale within SA but can continue through the

series until a Supreme Champion has been won.

All Supreme Champion winners can no longer compete

in any further OTTTH events in SA

except the Grand Finale.

This will give more opportunity to other competitors.






         Prizes Sponsored by HRA and HRSA

         All Qualifying events as follows

         Reserve Champion Broad ribbon

Champion $20.00 & Broad Ribbon

Supreme Champion $50.00 & Broad ribbon

Judge may ride qualified horses in the final.

If judge does not ride exhibits, competitors will be

asked to do an individual workout Walk, Trot,

Canter on both reins and gallop (open hunter)

The horse will finish with a halt and salute to the Judge.

Eliminate canter for Walk/Trot horses


Other regulations for Grand Finale


In the event of one rider going through to the final with

more than one horse they must nominate a substitute rider.

An exhibitor may not knowingly exhibit a horse that has

been bred, sold, leased or produced by the judge

or his/her employer.

An exhibit may not show a horse judged by any member

of his/her immediate family.

Entry Fee OTTTH Grand Finale

Final entry fee of $50.00 applies and competitors must be members of SPPHASA Inc.

Before the grand finale.


Overall winner of the 1st SPPHASA OTTTH Series

$500 cash/cheque

Winners Ribbon and Rosette OTTTH Saddle Blanket and Cap Embroidered Rug

Trophy and Garland

Prize sponsored by

Harness Racing Australia, Harness

Racing South Australia & SPPHASA Inc.

Runner Up

$200.00 Cash/Cheque Winners Ribbon and Rosette OTTTH Saddle Blanket and cap Trophy and Garland

Prize sponsored by Harness Racing Australia, Harness Racing South Australia & SPPHASA Inc.

Unharness The Beauty and

     Ride a Standardbred