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Translating The Brand

Standardbred Horse Brand

For registration purposes, all Standardbreds must be positively identified. In the US, this is done by a number tattooed on the inside of the lower lip, and in Australia and New Zealand it is done with code symbols freeze-branded high on the off side of the neck. If you want to identify your horse and learn about its breeding and racing history, not to mention register it for competition, you need to read the freeze-brand number. It is usually clear but not always, and you may have to clip the area to make it readable.


The code used in Australia (and elsewhere) is the Alpha Angle System, the structure of which can be seen on the left. New Zealand uses the "TVI" system, which has some similar symbols but with different meanings. Freezebranding was first introduced in New Zealand in 1970, and VIC, TAS, WA and QLD in 1978 with NSW last to change over in 1979.

Since the freezebranding program provides for branding when the foal is still with the dam, the system virtually guarantees the integrity of the brand.

When the system was first implemented in Australia, a single line of symbols were used. The first symbol denotes the state of breeding:  2 = NSW, 4 = QLD, 5 = SA, 6 = WA, 7 = TAS. The second symbol is the last digit of the year of foaling; for example, 9 can mean 1979, '89 or '99. The remaining four symbols are the registration number of the foal.


In the late 1980s, Australia changed over to a two-line brand, the first line commencing with an ‘S' for Standardbred, followed by the digit for the state of foaling (postcode), then two digits for the year of foaling. The second four-digit line is the horse's registration number. This two line method is similar to that used in New Zealand, where the first line has the two digits of the year of foaling followed by a ‘Z' for New Zealand, the second four-digit line being the horse's registration number.

Australian Brand

New Zealand Brand

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